Lotura films is a Basque producer of short stories, characters, images, voices, lights, illustrations, emotions and ideas.

Going back to 1992... Film-maker Juanba Berasategi was responsible for lighting the torch of Lotura Films.  Since then, professionals, friends and colleagues have participated in the audiovisual project, revealing and exploring their own unique paths.

We're currently focused on animation, illustration and documentaries. We're creating, innovating and collaborating constantly to create new stories, characters, short stories and emotions in Basque language film.

We develop our own productions with deep dedication and we can provide special services because of the diversity of skills of our team in different fields. Our projects include feature films, short films and television series. They've all been developed with quality and innovation at the centre, from the hand of creativity, professionalism and honesty as a team.

This is a story that goes hand to hand, from image to emotion.

The house of stories The home of Basque language film.