Series: 26x12´

Pre school 4-6 YEARS

2D computer generated

Everyday adventure & gentle comedy

KIMA and AMIK are cousins. KIMA lives in town. AMIK lives in a farm. There’s nothing AMIK loves more than visiting his cousin in town. There’s nothing KIMA loves more than visiting her cousin in the countryside. KIMA is AMIK spelt backwards. And indeed, as their names suggest, most of the time KIMA and AMIK want opposite things. But that doesn’t stop them from always finding a way to play and have fun together.

KIMA loves mud, bugs, cows, dogs, chickens, trees, home cooked farmhouse food, peace and quiet, playing by herself (or with her cousin) ... everything you don’t get in a town!

AMIK adores playgrounds, shops, the cinema and playing with a big group of friends... everything you don’t get on a farm!