lur eta amets

Lur and Amets' parents go to a wedding this weekend and they've left the twins at their nan Andere's house. But, thanks to Andere and her cat Baltaxar's powers it won't be a typical weekend. They embark on a voyage and have bittersweet adventures in different time periods. They travel through our history. They're always at the centre of the action, with the unmatchable help of Andere and Baltaxar. But, sadly, the villains pursue them through the ages.

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Feature film


87 minutes


Imanol ZinkunegI
Joseba Ponce


Eneko Olasagasti
Carlos Zabala


LA Ekoizpenak AIE

Lotura Films, Elkar Argitaretxea, Ikastolen Elkartea, Katxiporreta


Joserra Senperena




The girl with green eyes and red hair is Lur. She's the type who can't sit still. She likes to explore her surroundings and run around. She's a natural adventurer. She's very brave, nothing makes her back down. She's got a temper and when she gets angry everyone gets out of her way, even the cat Baltaxar. She's got a twin brother called Amets.


The dark haired boy is Amets. He's got a twin sister called Lur. They're an ideal pair. Amets is dreamer with a lot of imagination, a subtle creator and a sensitive young man. He loves being alone, however he never gets bored. Their nan Andere says she sees things nobody else sees.

Amona Andere

Neither Amets nor Lur know their nan is special and that's where her wisdom comes from, because she's seen other times and other worlds. She's a mythological, magical being. Thank to nan's special powers Amets and Lur can travel through time. Nan uses her cat Baltaxar, who is always by her side, to do her magic.


He's always been with nan. Baltaxar is also a mythological being. He's a cat who never gets old.